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Fanfiction, one of the most sacred and cherished parts of really any fandom, we've read it while we should be doing homework or chores. We stay up late when we find one of those rare gems that completely 'ensnare the senses'. Some of us have studied it more than our own religion (guilty as charged I must admit). But sometimes you come across fanfics that leave your more nauseas than intrigued. Other times you come across fanfiction that makes you cry, or you just want to throw it at J.K Rowling saying, "Why couldn't it have ended like this?!" So I've scoured the internet for the best, and some of the sexiest Snarry fanfiction out there. Enjoy!

The Good:

-Everybody Wants to Be A Cat by Lychee…

I adore this story, and a sequel is still in the works (Thank Merlin) which I am stalking. This story in another animagus stories but is very quirky and funny. It's a short but good read for when you have some downtime and don't want to get into something too heavy.

-Snow Harrie by Eriador117…

I LOVE this story! A MUST read! The plot is so excellent and the little hints of snow white are so well woven into the plot it's like they belong there! So why is this no in the best category you ask? Well for a few reasons; number one, it got beat out/ Number two, Severus is completely OOC, and number three it's really just a oneshot. The plot revolves around Lily and how she wanted a girl so badly James got a sorcerer to make Harry a girl, Severus is prince of Slytherin and Remus his chief advisor. And the Wealeys are the dwarfs! And there's seven 7 of them. Honestly, go read this now!

-Onward to the Breach & When Fate Steps In by the_minx_17……

I totally love these stories, the plot is pretty original and the story telling isn't too bad either. She could've done a better job writing them though. The plot revolves around two parallel universes, one takes place in the middle of the deathly hallows and the other in a world where James killed Voldemort, thus Severus is much happier and he never really loved Lily romantically. They're about medium length, not epic length yet not a oneshot.

-Beyond Words by Steppenwoelfin…

In Voldemort's last breath he cursed Harry to be mute forever, enter Severus Snape a reluctant war hero and a master of telepathy, Occlumency, Leglimens, and sign language. Dumbledore assigns Severus to teach Harry and the pair go through a lot, will they eventually realize they're friendship becomes something more? Harry gives Severus computer lessons! 33 Chapters, medium length.

-Blood Quill Consequences by Ancheora…

this was the first Snarry fanfic I ever read and has earned a permanent place in my heart. The story revolves around the idea that Harry's anemic and all the detentions from Umbridge caused him to go into shock. They find out about umbridge's detention methods and she's promptly fired. Snape is then left to be bot DADA teacher and Potions Master, thus he needs teacher's assistants and reluctantly takes Harry to be his DADA t.a. They form some sort of friendship which continues to evolve and eventually becomes more. D/M, S/R, R/P, N/L.

The Best:

-The Marriage Stone by Joesphine Darcy…

The Best fanfcition I've ever read. EVER.The plot is brilliant, I love how she ties in all different kinds of mythology and how Severus really fights his feelings for Harry. Harry and Severus are brilliantly written. If you haven't read this story go read it right now. I know it's abandoned but you know what; it's worth it. that's how good it is. GO READ IT!

- If You Are Prepared by Cybele…

First off, you're NOT a Snarry fan if you haven't read these master pieces. And that's exactly what they are. Severus is right on point and so is Harry. And I'll admit it, I cried like a baby at the ending and I still do if i read it. It's brilliant but it's pretty long so I'd recommend it on a rainy day. It's 'bloody brilliant'.

-A Brave New World…

Why must every good story be unfinished?! Why cruel fate, why?! this is another excellent story that doesn't have an ending. The plot revolves around a Snarry cliche-forced marriage. The pair must get married in order to prevent some archaic law from taking effect and Harry being possessed by Aldrington. Harry and Severus become close as Harry realizes there's more to his magic than he thought. Nothing is simple.

-Trust Book One by Woodland Goddess…

A WIP that is still going strong (thank Gods for that) and is currently in the beginnings of book two. Harry is in trouble and is assigned to stay with Severus over break, at first things are rough but gradually they become better with the help of a certain phoneix. A little out there at times, but still a well constructed story.

-In This World For You by Snapesfavorite…

This story is pretty fuzzy and can be considered more of a soft story at some parts, but at others it can be heart breaking. The story has Harry and Severus as soulmates, and the malfoys as not so cold and heartless, and Sirius as annoying as usual. They face many obstacles in their path to being fully realized soulmates, still s WIP though...I hope it isn't abandoned.

The Sexy:

-Ultimate Gift by Shattengenshalt…

Harry decides to give Severus a really meangingful gift for his birthday, something only he can give. Loving! Bottom!Harry

-Snape Makes A Mess Out of Harry by Angelicalynn…

Pure smut..not much else to say about it. DirtyTalk! Watersports! Cumplay! Bottom!Harry

-Vixen by empathic siren…

Who doesn't love Vampire!Severus? I know I know I sure do! Bottom!Harry, Crossdressing, Voyeurism.

- My Little Black Birdie by Mu xxx…

A little darker story for those of you who prefer the darker side of Snarry. Rough! Bottom!Harry Chan 16

- Seeing Red by Dementor Delta…

Great smut-has a little bit of just about everything. Bottom!Harry, Bottom!Severus

-A Little Taste of Harry by Quill Lumos…

Another brilliant story by Quill Lumos, I highly recommend checking out all her other stories as well, they're all like little works of art. This is my personal favorite. Vampire(sort of)!Severus

Well, those are all my recommendations, for the smut i tried to include a little bit of everything. Let me know if you didn't see one of your favorites on there! Enjoy and happy reading!

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